Investing in loans. Reinvented.

Blockchain-Powered Secondary Market for Loans Originated by Non-Bank Lenders

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By using the latest advances in distributed ledger technology and data cryptography, Factury modernizes the costly, complicated, and obsolete processes in capital acquisition, loan securitization, and secondary loan markets.


  • Portfolio structuring to the details of single future payment streams
  • Real time audit and due diligence on loan originators
  • Proof-of-Payment monitoring system
  • Data integrity and unprecedented reliability
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  • Standardized process to sell loan receivables
  • API driven automatic bulk loan import
  • Balance sheet risk mitigation with “true sale” of receivables
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Financial engineering

Active investing according to your own risk preferences from different credit products be it small business or consumer loans. What is even better - we introduce a new, more transparent financial asset - loans split into future payments.

Portfolio customization

Securitization module splits all loans into future payments, opening unique portfolio structuring opportunities


Track the payments throughout the loan lifecycle


Use real time performance of originators to make investment decisions

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By using the latest advances in distributed ledger technology and data cryptography, Factury offers cutting edge investment platform for institutional investors to access an emerging asset class - loans originated by non-bank balance sheet lenders.


Real-time loan portfolio analytics and data access to perform audit and due diligence


The immutable data ledger serves as infrastructure for secure settlement and data repository


Sensitive data never leaves the local servers

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